Fun Video Showing The POWER of Bombs

A few nights ago my Alliance (Usurper) was in a large battle with Brave (and most of Syndicate for that matter) that peaked at about 400 pilots on grid shooting each other with at least 3 separate fleets being Titan Bridged in and quite a few capitals fielded.

Usurper's 40 or so pilots were slowly grinding though Brave's 100-200, but we had to leave the field after Psychotic Tendencies Bridged in a 35+ Navy Apoc + Sentry Domi Fleet with Triage support and started helping Brave kill us.

Once we left the field Brave and Psychotic turned on each other and we quickly reshipped to Bombers to take advantage of the opportunity.

Watch the video to see what happened next...

This video illustrates why the Stealth Bomber is without a doubt EVE Online's most powerful ship for it's cost. At around 30 million ISK each, a relatively small amount of Bombers can destroy a fleet 10 times it's size.

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