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Fun Video Showing The POWER of Bombs


A few nights ago my Alliance (Usurper) was in a large battle with Brave (and most of Syndicate for that matter) that peaked at about 400 pilots on grid shooting each other with at least 3 separate fleets being Titan Bridged in and quite a few capitals fielded.

Usurper’s 40 or so pilots were slowly grinding though Brave’s 100-200, but we had to leave the field after Psychotic Tendencies Bridged in a 35+ Navy Apoc + Sentry Domi Fleet with Triage support and started helping Brave kill us.

Once we left the field Brave and Psychotic turned on each other and we quickly reshipped to Bombers to take advantage of the opportunity.

Watch the video to see what happened next…

This video illustrates why the Stealth Bomber is without a doubt EVE Online’s most powerful ship for it’s cost. At around 30 million ISK each, a relatively small amount of Bombers can destroy a fleet 10 times it’s size.

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The Night Walker Narrated Learn PVP Edition


As is Tradition, I have re-edited my recent Night Walker PVP Video to slow it down to real time speed and narrate through all the fights. Doing this allows me to show you my thought process and describe the tactics I used to get the fights and kills.

You will see me fly the Wolf, Federation Navy Comet, Vexor Navy Issue, and Tornado.

Remember to watch in full screen at 1080p…

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The Night Walker – New PVP Video


It’s been a long time since I put out a fun PVP Video so I figured it was time to throw something together. This video is the old Music and PVP style with minimal instruction, but as is tradition here I always go back and Narrate my PVP Videos, so expect a “Learn PVP Edition” with Narration to be released in the next few days.

In this Video, I give you a preview of the VNI or Vexor Navy Issue, which is a ship I have been playing with a bit. I haven’t decided if I like it yet, but it’s got a lot of potential. I’ve tried a Shield Kite Fit, and Brawler Dual Armor Rep Fit so far, and both have gotten steady kills, but I’ve found relying solely on Drones to be a disadvantage when solo. I’ll keep looking and potentially make a guide out of it, but I won’t sell anything until I’m 100% satisfied with it.

After that you will see the first video I have ever released where I’m using Links. In general, I don’t like to use links in solo PVP because it isn’t really solo and a Personal Link Alt is out of reach for 99% of EVE Players. Because they are available to so few, it leads to “Elite PVPer Syndrome” where you have a small minority of PVPers running around with Billion+ Implants, Drugs, Blinged out Ships, and Links making newer players feel like PVP is impossible unless you can spend a couple Billion ISK (and have over 50 Million Skill Points) every time you go out to PVP.

Next, there’s a fun exhibition of one of my favorite ships at the moment… The Federation Navy Comet. This ship is a monster for FW PVP. The setup I use here has Rail Guns to “Kite within Scram Range” so you are out of the range of most other frigates you fight, while dictating the range of the fight with your scram, web, and AB.

Finally, the video ends with a couple recent clips from the Wolf (Check out the Wolf PRO Guide), including one where I use one of my Isolation Techniques to isolate my target from his gang.

Remember to watch in Full Screen at 1080p…

Because it has music in it, there is a chance those outside the US will not be able to watch it on Youtube. If that’s the case you can download the full quality version at EVE-Files by clicking this Link:

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Astro Zombies Solo EVE PVP Guide Video – Learn PVP Edition


After I released my new PVP Video called Astro Zombies, I got a lot of feedback from people who wanted a Narrated Version. In the past, I have always followed my “Old Fashioned” PVP Videos (fast music and explosions) with slower Learn PVP Editions. So while I hadn’t yet planned to do a Narrated Version, the demand for one convinced me I needed to.

Keep in mind this is not part of the New SFI PRO Guide, although the content here is much more similar than the previous version of Astro Zombies. The SFI PRO Guide will contain far more detail and teach you everything from fittings, to tactics, to escape maneuvers, and much more.

This video contains two of the Fights from Astro Zombies that I think are the best in terms of Teachable Tactics that will help you to get more kills no matter what ship you fly. The first is my fight with Goons in the Nano SFI (Stabber Fleet Issue) and the second is with the Cynabal.

Pay close attention to how I use my movements to in a small way, control the enemy’s movements. By knowing their most likely reactions, I can often times guide an enemy into a position where I can kill them. This video will give you a good idea of how I do that.

Make sure you watch in 1080p with full screen to get the best results…

If you want to learn how to fly like this, then you need to get my new SFI PRO Guide which contains the fittings, tactics, and PVP videos for the Stabber Fleet Issue, Cynabal, and Tech 1 Stabber. These are amazing solo ships that can be used in almost every area of PVP. Also, once you have great skills for one, you probably have great skills for the others, so you are getting much more “Bang for your Buck.”

The SFI PRO Guide will be released on Friday April 5th at 20:00 EVE Time (That’s 4pm US Eastern Standard Time)

If you would like to be notified about special first day bonuses, use the “Go PRO” form on the side of this page to submit your Email Address.

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Announcing The Stabber Fleet Issue Guide and A New PVP Video: Astro Zombies


EVE Online Stabber PVP GuideAs many already know, I’ve been hard at work creating a new SFI (Stabber Fleet Issue) Guide for a long time. When people asked how long until it was completed, I kept saying “next month” only to find out another cool fitting or tactic I wanted to add, so the Guide just grew bigger and bigger. Now finally it’s complete and contains over 8 hours of instructional PVP Video.  It’s HUGE.

While just a few of these videos is enough to get you out out of a station and rolling in solo killmails, the rest will make you a PVP King! These Videos cover several powerful fittings for the SFI, Tech 1 Stabber, and Cynabal, plus you’ll learn how to handle almost every situation you’re likely to face.

The New SFI PRO Guide will be released on Friday April 5th at 20:00 EVE Time (That’s 4 pm USA Eastern Time).

Like all of my PRO PVP Guides, the SFI PRO Guide will teach you the Fittings to use, the Tactics (in my awesome MS Paint Tactics Lectures), and use my “Stop Motion” video to demonstrate and teach you with real solo PVP fights. You’ll learn not just how to win fights, but how to find them, and how to turn one fight into many.

It has become a Tradition for me to release a “Preview” video for every new guide I release and this one is no different. BUT I have been getting ALOT of requests to make a new PVP Video (the old fashioned kind with music), so I figured why not do both at the same time?

So this Preview is footage from the SFI Guide that has been re-edited and synched up with some awesome music. Plus there’s also a cool theme to it that I think you’ll like based on my past use of old Movie’s as titles.

But keep in mind, the actual Guide is not like this, the Guide  is real time video with narration, drawing on the screen to illustrate tactics, and focused on Teaching. This video is just for fun!

Download link for those in Germany or who just want the high quality video file:

Watch in Full Screen Mode at Highest Quality

Here’s a list of the Music used:

  • Astro Zombies by The Misfits
  • Back off Bitch by Guns and Roses
  • Kill Shit by Krizz Kaliko
  • Bored by Deftones

Stay tuned for more info about the new SFI PRO Guide to be released on Friday April 5th at 20:00 EVE Time (That’s 4 pm USA Eastern Time).

I also plan on doing a special bonus for everyone who orders in the first 24 hours, but I’m not sure what it should be. Why don’t you tell me what you want?

Special Live PVP Stream? A crazy fleet PVP Roam with me? A lottery where 5 people win 1-on-1 PVP Lessons? Or win a customized PVP Lesson for your Corp / Alliance?

Do you have any ideas for something super cool? Leave a comment with your idea!

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