Hauler Escape and Evasion and MWD Cloak Trick


haulerEandEFlying a Hauler through high sec with almost a billion ISK in stuff can be risky on it’s own much less trying to make your way though both low sec and null sec. But I routinely do just that in both my Deep Space Transport and Blockade Runner Transport Industrial ships.

Although I have lost a few empty Blockade Runners to camps because I was too lazy to go the safe route (long route), I have never lost a hauler filled with anything valuable.

The reason for this is because I use a combination of tricks and general survival skills learned from PVP.

First is the Cloak + MWD Warp Trick. This trick allows you to only be uncloaked for a millisecond before warping, which makes tackle almost impossible without a bubble.

The next escape trick is to charge the gate cloaked and jump away to safety. The opposite is also possible but more risky… To cloak and move away from the gate.

Finally, there is the MJD escape which requires a Tech 2 Industrial to perform because T1 Haulers cannot fit Micro Jump Drives.

In this video you will see me demonstrate the Cloak MWD Warp Trick (I know not perfectly, it takes some finesse) and then jump into a camp with a Interdictor and all kinds of tackle and demonstrate the escape technique.

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P.S. I just made a new Intro for my videos, what do you think about?

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Crius Patch Notes and SFI PRO Guide Update


industryWe are just two days away from the Crius Expansion and sadly I am not at all excited about it. I’ve been following the Dev Blogs and discussions about the changes and unless you are heavy into Industry (building stuff), they aren’t likely to excite you either.

Here are the Patch Notes: http://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-crius/

I admit as a PVPer who makes his ISK in the easiest and most passive possible ways, Industry isn’t appealing to me.

Hopefully the Industry folks will enjoy this patch. The chatter appears to be a little apprehensive about the effects this will have on Profits and Prices, but still most are excited to try it out.

Some interesting things I pulled out of the notes are that Capital Jump Drive and Jump Bridge fuel requirements are going by 50% while Isotope (fuel) size is going down to 0.1 m3. Unless I missed something, that would make jumping and bridging about 50% more expensive than before? Perhaps that’s an attempt to curtail force projection?

While it may make Titan Bridging a 50 man fleet to kill an Enyo less attractive in cost terms, I think boredom will out weigh peoples financial concerns.

Another interesting part of this patch is Teams for Manufacturing and Research. These teams will give you some advantages and you will have to bid on them.

Here is a video about the changes…

I’m interested to hear what you think about Crius?

Also, I spent the day today making two new update videos for the SFI Pro Guide. One about the ScyFi (Scythe Fleet Issue) and another with the SFI (Stabber Fleet Issue). All current SFI PRO Guide customers get free updates and can log in to their accounts and view the videos whenever they choose.

If you would like to get the SFI Pro Guide and experience the fun of Cruiser PVP you can do so by clicking here.

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Medium Micro Jump Drives – Breathing New Life into Small Gang and Solo BC PVP


Not too long ago CCP added the Medium Micro Jump Drive to the game and limited it to only a few ship types. Combat Battlecruisers being one of those that can use it (but not attack BC like the Talos, Tornado, etc).

At first I wasn’t very interested and didn’t give it much thought but then after hearing someone complain that a BC they were fighting escaped with a MJD, I wanted to know just how effective they could be.

Fully Insured a BC is a great solo and small gang ship to fly because after insurance the cost is often less than 30 or 40 million. This allows you to take risks and have fun without too much worry about your wallet.

But Battlecruisers (and solo PVP in general) tend to attract blobs and it’s rare that you find a fight where your enemy doesn’t pile a whole fleet on to you. To counter this you must have a way to Disengage when things go bad or when you are running out of Tank.

This has traditionally been done by Kiting or Heavy Tanking. The Kite uses his speed to avoid tackle and escape when needed, while the Heavy Tank absorbs huge amounts of DPS and escapes through a Gate or into a Station.

The Medium MJD gives us a new option, to Micro Jump and Warp away to safety.

The catch is that your MJD will not work if you are Scrammed or if you are cap dead.

For this reason it is important to neutralize Frigates and Destroyers who are likely to fit scrams first, as well as familiarize your self with the Scram Icon so you can tell who is scramming you.

Over the last few weeks I have been really enjoying the MJD BC’s and I’ve had a lot of great fights with them both solo and in very small gangs (2 to 4 people).

I still don’t think I have perfected the tactic but I”m having tons of fun trying new things getting fights.

To show you what I’m talking about I put together a very short video showing me Escaping a Camp with the MJD and then another Small Gang Clip where we take on a fleet 3 times larger than ours, kill a Sabre and Escape while only losing a cheap Firetail.

Watch Full Screen at 1080p

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