JonnyPew: Using MTU Aggro to Hunt Mission Runners in High Sec

There are only a handful of EVE Online channels I subscribe to and JonnyPew's is my favorite.

Recently he has been using the Suspect Timer that you acquire from attacking another player's MTU (Mobile Tractor Unit) in high sec. This timer does not get you concorded, instead it allows other players to shoot you in highsec (and lowsec) without any penalties until the timer expires.

That means no Gate or Station Guns, No Navy Aggro, and No Concord!

This is something I talked about way back when they first introduced the Suspect Timer. It was my belief that "Suspect Baiting" would replace the old and now dead tactic of Can Flipping.

To do this you need to scan down other peoples Mobile Tractor Units. The best places to do this are active mission systems, however people may feel safer using the MTUs in lower traffic areas.

This can be done Solo or with several characters, but you should always attempt to make your enemy believe you are weak and killable, so as to encourage them to attack you after you take Suspect.

JonnyPew does this with an Stratios, which is a solid choice. Other ideas would be Assault Frigates or T1 Cruisers, or even T2 Cruisers like HACs or Recons.

Once you have your ship picked out just Scan the MTU down with Probes, save the location, then warp to it with your combat ship and start killing the MTU. Best case scenario the Mission runner will engage you and thus give you the right to kill him. Worst Case, he ignores you and you either kill the MTU and steal the Loot or he scoops the MTU before you kill it.

Either way it can be a fun way to cause some trouble and stir up local.

Here are two videos by JonnyPew showing him doing it...

1.2 Billion ISK Tengu:

Raven Navy Issue Kill:

On a second note, I have just finished updating the website to a new look. What do you think? Suggestions? Find a bug?

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