Hull Brutix Guide Drawing Winner & ISK Guide Update

To celebrate the release of my new Hull Tanked Brutix Guide I did two cool things for those who ordered in the first 24 hours.

The first is a preview guide from what may end up being my next guide (Cruiser PRO Guide) featuring the Rupture. I'm editing the video for that right now so you can expect it in the next few days. I will personally email it to each person who ordered on day 1.

The Second was a random drawing for the EVERYTHING Bundle. To do this assigned numbers to each person then used to draw a number and that person won.

This winner currently only had two guides... the Pilgrim Guide and the Hull Brutix Guide, so this is big win.

I don't want to post their username completely because it may be their real name and not a alias, so I will just post the censored version here and email them directly.

The Winner is: Art*****

Congratulations and I hope you enjoy all the guides!

Also I have continued my market experiment where I started with 10 Million and despite ignoring it a bit to finish the Brutix Guide I have now surpassed 500 Million ISK. So I did a quick update with some more tips and I will hopefully get that posted tonight.

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