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    First I have never solo pvp’d in Eve before, but from my early days with other mmo’s I loved the hit and run tactics that stealth gave me.

    So the question is, which ship should I chose for Nullsec? I appreciate that each ship is only good against a selected few. I have looked at various fits for Bombers, Astero, Stratios, Tengu, Pilgrim and other recon ships. ISK is the other consideration, because losing say a couple of Bombers is nowhere near as expensive as losing a couple of Strategic Cruisers. If it takes me a while to find the right targets, then so be it, but at least if the system gets too hot I can go and hide 🙂

    Would appreciate any advise on this.


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    My favorite cloaked PVP ship is the Pilgrim. I think it is the single best solo PVP ship in the game due to it’s ability to survive camps, disengage fights, and stalk it’s prey while cloaked.

    I made a PVP PRO Guide for the Pilgrim here: https://www.eveproguides.com/the-ninja-pilgrim-guide-2/

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