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Feature Request: Super Carrier Redesign or a New Ship With Multiple Pilots

Way back around 1998 I was exposed to my first MMO at a friends house. The graphics weren’t that great even for the time but the game play was intense…

Cap Dead Warping – How to Approach Dangerous Gates

There are some basic rules to surviving null sec. One very important one is to NEVER warp gate to gate in a system with non-friendly players in local. Typically this…

Flashback: Big Advantages and Big Short Cuts

A year ago I posted this article for the first time, and I think it’s so important for new players to read that I am reposting it again this year….

Small Gang PVP Flashback – 13 Usurper vs 100+ Brave

If you know much about EVE history you may remember when Brave (4000+ pilots) declared war on my small (~300) pilot alliance Usurper. Evidently some of our solo guys had…

Guerrilla Warfare Part 2: Scorched Earth & Area Denial

In 1812 Napoleon marched 680,000 men quickly across Russia in an attempt to bring the Russian Army to battle so that he could defeat them quickly and end his march….

Guerrilla Warfare Part 1: Morgan’s Riflemen

In just a few short weeks FozzieSov will hit EVE Online. It is my hope that as a result, every small alliance in the game heads out to the frontier…

Fleet Tackle Interceptor Fittings and The Way Of The Tackler

My last article was about the value of a good interceptor pilot and the comments I got made me want to write another article to help pilots master this role….

Tackle The Most Important Fleet Role

I can’t count the number of fleets I’ve been a part of, both in my own alliance and in other peoples alliances that lacked good tackle. When people Theory Craft…

Feature Request: Forced Pilot Ejection & High Sec Theft

I have long wished that EVE Online would expand the “Sand Box” element of the game by giving players the ability to be real Pirates or even just petty criminals….

Post Nerf Svipul Fits for 10mn AB, MWD, and Instalock

Recently CCP nerfed the Svipul by removing a large chunk of Power Grid and some of it’s base speed. These changes definitely reduced the awesomeness of the ship, however they…