Using the New “Tracking Function”

An interesting addition to the game that came with Retribution is the new Tracking Function which centers the camera on the object you have selected. And if that object is moving, it will follow it.

At first I really enjoyed turning the tracking on while flying and fighting, but after a few hours it started to irritate me, I found my self fighting it to look at what I wanted and turned it off. While I loved some aspects of it, others were really irritating.

When scanning, it's helpful to automatically center on the object you're using your dscan on so you can do a 15 or even 5 degree scan on it. In a fleet fight it can be helpful to click a pilot in the overview and instantly see where he is. In these cases I liked the tracking, but the rest of the time it was taking control out of my hands.

My solution was to use the hot key and train my self to start "toggling" it on and off quickly. When I'm scanning and want to scan a nearby gate I hit "c" to turn on tracking, then wait a second for it to center, then hit "c" again to turn it off. Same thing in fleets or where ever else I quickly want to line up or see an object.

Has anyone else found any cool uses for this feature?

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