Instant Refitting – An Idea for a New EVE Feature


Like many of you, I am addicted to PVP.

Some of the most fun I have is flying around solo in a ship and blowing up other peoples ships (and getting blown up). What's not fun, is all the stuff that doesn't involve things exploding.

Often times I will be roaming through null sec, FAR away from any trade hubs when I get blown up. This usually means I will have to spend 20-30 minutes flying my pod or rookie ship to the nearest trade hub, followed by 15 minutes of buying modules and refitting my ship, then another 15 minutes to get back to a PVP area. In all that's around 1 hour just to get back into the fight!

Obviously this isn't the case when you PVP near your home and have other ships or backup ships fitted, but even then you still eventually have to buy and fit new ships, and when you do it will take you far too long to do so.

Over the years CCP has added a few small things to make this process less painful. The first was the ability to Save Fittings, then click one button, and as long as all the modules were in your hanger, instantly refit your ship. The other was the new kill mails that could be opened in game, allowing you to right click each module, then view market details, and purchase the item. But still the process of refitting takes too long.

So as many of my alliance members have heard me say in the past "I wish there was a way I could click one button and the client would buy my ship, all the modules, and instantly refit them for me!"

Many people responded that this would lead to people getting scammed by market tricks where someone lists one item at a insanely high price. But that's easily fixable with the already present warning about buying anything that is X percent over the Regional Average. Another objection was to ask what would happen if some items weren't available, and that too is easy to solve by a simple notification that the items were not available.

Since there's no real reason not to do this, and the coding side for CCP is already half done with features already in the game I would think this would be a very easy thing to add.

So here's my idea...

idea for the next eve online expansion

As you can see this is a loss mail from several months ago where I lost my Fleet Tackle Stilleto to a PL Black Ops BS Drop (Battle Report here:  BUT I have added two very powerful buttons to the bottom of this loss mail (with a image editor).

The first button allows you to buy all of the fittings (just what was fitted, not in the cargo hold). This could be used when buy more than one set so you can haul several ship setups back to your home system before assembling them.

The second option is a full service "Buy and Fit" button which will buy everything and fit it for you. This does all the work for you and only requires you confirm the purchase prices as they automatically appear.

I'm no game developer, but here's how I see the mechanics of this working out...

  1. A player hits the Buy and Fit Button
  2. The Client runs a script where it looks to see if there is a unassembled hull for that ship already in the ship hanger
  3. If not it buys one
  4. Next, the client search your hanger for any of the modules needed and if it find them removes them from the "buy list"
  5. Then it goes through the "buy list" item by item and pops open a pre-populated (ex: 2 LSE) buy box for the lowest buy order in the system.
  6. On each item you click OK to finalize the purchase, resulting in 10-20 quick OK clicks to buy everything.
  7. Finally the client fits the ships with the new modules

As a result fitting a new ship would take less than 2 minutes (when you factor in time to buy ammo and drones not accurately shown in loss mails).

Maybe it's just me but the worst part of Dying in EVE is the time it takes to replace your ship before you can get back out there. This would go a long way to solve that.


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  1. Uss Omaha 08/21/2013, 8:28 pm:

    This would be epic, Even tho last 10 days ive had 30 kill and no losses. This feature would push me to go to null sec. Only reason I avoid it is the pain/issue of refitting after a loss.

    This would increase pvp opportunities significantly for some, Including me.

    **Just putting this out there…abbadon21 for ccp pvp team

    • Abbadon21 08/21/2013, 10:47 pm:

      I’m happy to hear someone else thinks this is a good idea too!

      • Uss Omaha 08/22/2013, 7:50 am:

        Tbh this idea would help increase the usefulness of the saved fittings window as atm its basically wasted code. Ok having the option to save fits is handy but incorporating this option would make it more useful.

        And as a pvp I would pay more to use this option out of convenience than fly to the closest trade hub to get the ship/fittings myself.

  2. Adzami 08/22/2013, 5:01 am:

    It have more problems than you think. As a programmer, i see a lot of possible troubles and questions like “what if”.
    – What if i have not enough money?
    – What if there is only one module i need on market? High price scam will work.
    – What if i need implants to fit my ship (and i just died, so have none)?
    – What if i have an assembled ship with some modules fitted?
    and so on.

    • Abbadon21 08/22/2013, 11:51 am:

      I think all of those could be address with mostly built in features.

      If there’s not enough money it could pop up a box and say “sorry not enough isk” or something
      Since you OK every item, you will see the high price before buying
      If it can’t fit, it would just do the same thing it does now and tell you what you lack.

      But I see what you’re saying…

  3. Binary Zombie 08/22/2013, 8:33 am:

    I thought that was what the saved fit + market quick bar was used for. Just drag you ship fitting to the quick bar and then buy the group.

    • Abbadon21 08/22/2013, 11:52 am:

      I’ve never tried that, but I’ll have a look tonight

  4. Ric Aldrich 08/22/2013, 10:29 am:

    Great Idea. I hate refitting ships. I’m surprised someone has not come up with the idea of fitting ships and reselling them Red Frog could deliver them.

  5. Krazy Karl 08/22/2013, 1:10 pm:

    instantly buy and be instantly scammed at the same time

  6. Dynamo 08/24/2013, 10:03 am:

    If this was implemented imo EVE might as well be an instanced game like LoL or CoD. EVE rewards players who plan and prepare ahead of time and I would like it to stay that way. Furthermore despite the extra-measures you would put in I still see a lot of new players still getting mass scammed by this.

  7. Lancette 09/04/2013, 11:30 pm:

    Personally I will say that the game will only list the items in to a to-buy list (hopefully they make one so that shopping in jita is much easier) will be a better idea. you can also right click and swap the items (for e.g . different meta)

  8. dcm 09/28/2013, 6:03 pm:

    Whilst not much of a pvper myself as illustrated by my appaling loss record. The idea is a sound one a one click button to buy and or fit modules. You wouldn’t necessarily be scammed as ideally the feature would have you review the parts you are about to buy before eg in table form. Item, units, price per unit, price deviation (percentage above or below regional average) and at the bottom of the list a grand total for all modules rigs and the ship itself.

    sure you may get price inflation on mods etc due to traders and producers taking advantage of the game but then that is the wonderful nature of eve. Traders make huge isk from lazy one stop and buy all trade hub users essentially you have to have a trade off between hauling left right and centre to get cheap(er) fits and having convenience at the click of a button.

    another factor to consider is in order to refit a ship and use the facility you’d most likely have to be docked in a station where all those parts were available on the market list in a particular station which means you’ most likely be docking in overpriced trade hubs anyway. I doubt actually that your face many scams unless every trader trading every item in a station decided to relist all market items at obscene prices whilst possible is a very unlikely possibility.

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